What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password please go to qmail.com.au, click login at the top right of the page. Click forgot password then enter your email address and you will receive an sms message with your password. If you experience any issue contact us via our contact page.
Will my email address work on any device.
Yes as long as you have an internet connection you email address can be set up and used on PC or Mac, Notebook, tablet and mobile phones whether Android or Apple IOS
Can I check my email on a webmail system.
Yes your new email address comes with a free webmail account. You can send and receive emails from anywhere in the world when you have an internet connection. Go to the Q Mail homepage and click webmail, enter your email address and password and you are set to go. You can also save the qmail.com.au webmail page to your bookmarks or favourites for direct access to webmail.
Do you offer support for email clients?
Yes we offer 24/7 email based support. Simply contact us with your query and we guarantee to respond within 24 hours. If our support team is unable to assist you we will escalate you issue to our special support team, who will help you further.
Can I change my password if I need to?
Yes you can change your password by visiting the homepage of our website, click webmail in the top right corner and log in using your current email address and password. Once logged in, at the bottom left click ‘password and security’ then enter your new password and click ‘change password’ and you are done.
Can I use my email address for business?
Your email address is a personal email address but you may use it for work purposes.
What happens if my email account gets spammed ?
We offer spam protection via Apache Spam Assasin. You can also set yout spam or junk email setting in your email program. In the event you receive spam email, simply delete the emails or mark as junk.
Does the mail server ever have issues?
We utilise one of Australia’s leading web hosts with a 99.9% up-time guarantee. Like all electronic and mechanical systems there are sometimes issues but very rarely.
Do you have a page with full terms and conditions?
Yes we do, to visit our terms and conditions page along with our privacy policy simple click
Is it easy to set up my new email address?
Yes it is quite easy! Setting up your new email address is done in just a few minutes. You can set your email address up on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook or laptop on personal computer, both Mac and Windows. For set up instructions simply visit our help page by clicking
How much storage does my new email account have?
Your free email account has 50 MB storage capacity. If you require a larger mailbox simply upgrade here.

About Our Qmail

Email for Queenslanders!
As Australia’s newest and most innovative provider we have added a twist to the standard old email address.
We offer our users the abilty to show who they really are with email addresses that show their individuality, pride and passion.
Being Queensland based our first project was to offer the people of Queensland a way to show their pride in Australia’s greatest state
It is even more fun than personalised number plates, as every time you tell someone your email address we are almost certain the response will be, how did you get that
We are sure you will find an email address that suits you no matter where you live in Queensland.
We also offer 24/7 support every day of the year.